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Announcing the 2021-2022 EScAN Board

Thanks to the brilliant scientists behind several vaccines, Georgia, and Emory, are emerging from isolation with much to look forward to. For EScAN this promises to be a fulfilling year of in-person events (!) as well as Zoom when it's more convenient. Please welcome our 2021-2022 Board.

President: Julia de Amorim

5th Year PhD Candidate, Biochemistry, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Research subject: RNA metabolism and DNA damage

Policy interests: Clean water initiatives

Vice President: Gabrielle Delima

5th Year PhD Candidate, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

Research subject: Mechanisms of pandemic influenza A virus emergence

Policy interests: Social and economic equity

Treasurer: Lynda Bradley

4th year PhD Candidate, Biology Dept (PBEE program)

Research subject: Effect of resource pulses on host-parasite dynamics

Policy interests: water quality/treatment for marginalized communities in rural areas

Vice President of Outreach: Gavin Smith

3rd Year PhD Candidate, Chemistry Dept

Research Subject: Total Synthesis of Natural Products with antibiotic activity

Policy interests: Funding green infrastructure that is tied to a living wage for the jobs that come with it

Editor: Jessalyn Rogers

4th Year PhD Candidate, Chemistry Dept

Research subject: Natural and naturally-derived peptide nanotubes

Policy interests: Residential zoning and land use

Advertising Director: Natalie Pilgeram

4th Year PhD Candidate, Psychology Dept

Research subject: Modelling early social development in nonhuman animals

Policy interests: Neurodiversity and disability justice

Vice President of Communication: Evelyn (Evy) Kimbrough

5th Year PhD Candidate, Chemistry Dept

Research Subject: tRNA modifications that impact ribosomal reading frame maintenance Policy interests: Environmental protection

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