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EScAN Executive Board

The Emory Science Advocacy Network, EScAN, is a nonpartisan graduate student-led advocacy group with interests in policies that bolster science research and/or are supported by scientific evidence. We organize events that raise awareness for certain policies as well as write our own memos, which have been published in the Journal of Science Policy and Governance (JSPG). We also host science communication workshops, career panels, and letter writing campaigns each year. Our organization is dynamic as it grows and develops with each new coming cohort of graduate students. We welcome input and fresh ideas that expands science outreach across audiences.


President: Delaney Geitgey

3rd Year PhD Candidate

Cancer Biology 

Research subject: Immune dysfunction in pediatric leukemia

Policy interests: Healthcare access and equity


Vice President: Natalie Pilgeram

5th Year PhD Candidate


Research subject: Modelling early social development in nonhuman animals

Policy interests: Neurodiversity and disability justice


Treasurer: Joey Buehler

2nd year PhD Candidate

Biochemistry, Cell, & Developmental Biology

Research subject: Role of centrosomes in Neural Stem Cell division

Policy interests: Water quality, environmental toxicity


Vice President of Outreach and Communication: Sophie Yount

4th Year PhD Candidate

Molecular and Systems Pharmacology

Research subject: Molecular and circuit level control of the orbitofrontal cortex in decision-making and compulsive-like behaviors

Policy interests: Environmental protection

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